About Little Flower School

Little Flower School at Manavadi, Karur, is a Christian missionary institution under the management of St. Thomas Province (Kozhikode) of the Little Flower Congregation (Little Flower Fathers); who run several reputed institutions in various states of India.
We, the Little Flower Fathers, inspired by the love of the Heart of Jesus and fundamental human values, following the educative system of our country, commit ourselves to the creation of an educated, ethical, and prosperous society where equality, freedom and fraternity reign, by imparting to young students an education that promotes integral human development.
The School visualizes and imparts a holistic and integral education to its students so that they may shine on earth as a cute and innocent little flower. Education at Little Flower enables them to grow competitive and successful. Here the students are encouraged to be enduring, creative, reflective and motivated towards attaining the desired goals.

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